Open RP Community

Astral & Umbral, originally founded as A Thousand Faces on January 2, 2018, has been responsible over the years for delving into fringe and innovative RP activities, including historic zone-wide open combat events (F.A.T.E.s) of the Heroes vs. Villains community that merged into it and hosting of the multiverse “Whisperverse” plotline many of our community members take part in. We offer a truly open RP community that anyone can join for events, rewards, comradery, and celebrating freedom of muse meaning we focus on providing a platform to free-write your musings without forced assimilation to stories or fear of judgment and reprimand over what makes your creative side tick. Even our moderation takes a rehabilitative approach to community issues.

The Discord Community for Astral & Umbral offers a profound number of opportunities. We custom develop our own Discord Bots and more that offer features enhancing RP activities, such as our quest system, combat system, and event planning. (

Open Public Housing. We offer our housing areas to the public freely, and permission is never required to RP using our spaces. Our housing exists for the community to enjoy, even if you’re not a part of our community. Please visit The Third Ward (Wiki) or our visit page and plan your next scene using our many options for settings today!

No Membership. We don’t require membership. We don’t require applications. We don’t require RSVP. If you want to be a part of our community or its activities, just show up.