Astral | | Umbral

Final Fantasy XIV // Free Company // Balmung

Freedom of muse!
We don’t have strict lore rules because nobody should be told how to have fun writing. We welcome plots and characters regardless of lore. All we ask is that players be cooperative and respectful of each other in storytelling.

A variety of content! We work hard designing content and facilitating story hooks for everybody. We have a custom leveling and combat system for our high-fantasy MMORPG-inspired events. We even have an e-Commerce menu for making the weekly stage event easy to staff! Our IRL expertise as creatives, business owners, and programmers fuels our RP magic!

Not just for RP! Our FC is max rank and active with not only RP, but endgame raiders, omnicrafters, etc. Every member shares the best of what they have to offer to help everyone reach their goals, both IC and OOC!

We love visitors! We have a large house at Shirogane, Ward 3, Plot 30 (Balmung) that’s genuinely open to the public. Anyone can visit and explore the house anytime they want, IC or OOC, without having to ask us. Just be respectful of any public RP happening in the area!

A public community! We don’t shut our door on non-members, anyone can be a part of what we do. Our FC permits unlimited alts, we have a CWLS available, and our Discord is 100% open to the public to use!

“Unfettered in arbitrating the great balance as neither heroes nor villains, those of the Astral & Umbral never hesitate in both becoming and confronting makers of prosperity and ruin.”