Engage! System

We developed a version of the Whisper Online system for hybrid play on Final Fantasy XIV called the “Engage!” system. The main features this system offers are:

  • Single Roll System. We simplify dice rolls so only a single roll is required when taking action, rather than an attempt/response skillcheck. Every player has their own “success” number (“HIT”) based on proprietary formulas accounting for player level, enemy targets, buffs, debuffs, and party bonuses. You can manually roll, or set the system to automatically randomize the outcome for you.
  • Level Up. Players earn experience points (“EXP”) from successfully clearing fights, which goes towards automatically leveling up. Leveling gives you access to better stats, equipment, and abilities.
  • AbilitiesThe Engage! system provides a wide variety of combat actions and customization for you to choose from in a classless system that accommodates to all combat styles. Abilities can damage, heal, buff, debuff, and more! Custom abilities are rare but possible to obtain.

Realtime Combat

We pride ourselves on creating innovative ways to entertain those who enjoy fast-paced skill challenges. Astral & Umbral often hosts original story events that incorporate real-time combat on Final Fantasy XIV.

Players are provided a base HP and optional actions such as healing that require actual in-game emotes or abilities to execute. These fast-paced events are refereed by DM’s that watch and tally damage and healing, confirming or calling KO’s. The goal is to keep the enemy engaged at all times using combat animations, while avoiding enemy animations that damage party members. DM’s are trained on leniency to account for reasonable server lag at these events.

Realtime Combat: The Nothing’s Take (Savage) Event – Final Phase, Caturae POV (Enemy Team)