The Rendezvous

Events @ Saturdays 8-11PM EST
Open 24/7/365 for Open RP

Lounge Night

1st Saturday Every Month

A quiet and relaxing open stage evening that invites casual role-play, jazz performers, and low-pressure activity. We invite players to perform via macros or Bard in-game, or even on Discord! We have paid staff positions which you can apply for.

Party Night

2nd Saturday Every Month

Bring your friends including pets! This monthly themed dance party invites you to flex your glamour skills while also bringing well-behaved pets to the venue for dance, contests, and more! We'll post our theme on our Discord so you have time to prepare your outfit and any minions you'd like to bring!

Host Night

3rd Saturday Every Month

A wall-flower special, you can hire a host for your group using our menu system for different themed conversations plus optional trivia every hour! We'll post our trivia topic beforehand on our Discord, or try your luck hiring a host who might have the answers for you!

Socialites will line up at the base of the stair with Meld (Staff) flags turned on. You can ask each some questions to learn more about their discussion style and character type. Socialites are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. This is not meant for 1:1 RP, but group gatherings rather.

Socialites are required to return to the base of the stair after one (1) hour from the event starting, allowing other groups a fair chance to try out different hosts; however, hosts are allowed to be reserved if you’ve tipped them OOC an amount they consider fair to give you a second hour. This choice and their rate is wholly at their discretion, but they’ve been instructed to be fair unless the coin is worth it!

These “hosts” are SFW only. Any player found trying to engage in inappropriate themes with a staff member will be promptly blacklisted from the venue and banned from the community.

Three (3) times each evening right before the host time-swap hour, a randomized trivia session will take place. The trivia generally consists of 3 to 5 questions and the winning team will get a prize.

Your host may or may not participate, and you should ask your host beforehand if they’d participate in trivia.

Hosts that do participate in trivia may have been tipped off by other staff some of the questions and answers, so there’s a chance if you pick the right host, you’ll get an advantage in trivia!

We aren’t concerned with how players get the answers, so it’s okay if you’ve Google searched for it. We’re just here to have fun!

Casino Night

4th Saturday Every Month

The underground surfaces for a night allowing you to gain a currency called "Atma" which you can use at various table games for a chance to win big. Hoard your winnings for later or cash your Atma out at the end of the night! Gamblers must be registered on our Discord to receive and use "Atma" points.

slots dice rolling game.

• Limit:
• <600: Lose
• 600-777: x1
• 777: x2 OR Chance Roll
• 777-989: x2
• 990+: x3
Chance Roll:
777: x5

900+: x4
Other: Lose

• Min.: ⟠100
Same Rolls

poker styled dice game.

• Limit: ⟠100
• Rolls: 1 (###)

• Min.: ⟠100
• Rolls: 2 (###+###)

Hands (Worst to Best)
High: Highest single die number.
(315 [7]00 < 135 7[9]0)

Pairs: Pairs of two.
([11][2 2][33] > 975 [33]0)

Pairs of three.
([333] [444] > [111]233)

Straight: Consecutive numbers ascending or descending.
(132 546 < 798 654)
= 123 456 < 456 789

Royal: Beats all other hands. If multiple Royal, the first to roll a Royal wins.
(999 999 > 999 123)

Winner takes the pot.

A Triple Triad challenge.

• Limit: ⟠100
• Rounds: 2/3
• Rules: Draft, Random

• Min.: ⟠100
• Rounds: 2/3
• Rules: Standard

Winner takes the pot.

Mystery Event

Only on 5th Saturdays

On months with an extra Saturday, we either pick a random theme from the above or something totally different to host at The Rendezvous! You can find out what this will be by joining our Discord!