Housing Commissions

If you enjoy the various designs found at Astral & Umbral open RP locations, you can commission our designer to create a space of your own, tailored for RP use! Proceeds from your commission go towards expansion of the open RP housing that Astral & Umbral provides the community, so by commissioning Astral & Umbral, you’re helping create more of the public RP spaces you love for everyone! Furniture (except achievement and Mog Station items) is included.

Astral & Umbral commissions are different than your traditional housing commission and accepted on a limited basis. Not all commissions are accepted. Please contact us if you’re interested in applying.


12,500,000 G
10,000,000 G Base Price
2,500,000 G Item Deposit


25,000,000 G
20,000,000 G Base Price
5,000,000 G Item Deposit


40,000,000 G
30,000,000 G Base Price
10,000,000 G Item Deposit

“Item Deposit” is used for costs associated with the build and the leftover amount is refunded when the commission is complete.

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