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A refuge for the eldritch and the outcast lead by an enigmatic entity known as Anai'stairell, Astral & Umbral is a variety, high fantasy, and high sci-fi themed role-playing Free Company without lore restrictions.

We primarily see Final Fantasy XIV as a setting rather than rules. We encourage freedom of muse but we also aim any lore breaking to be reasonably thought out if not harmless. You're free to flex your creative fun here. We happily accept demigods, deities, cybrids, abominations, mythical creatures, non-playables like Ascians, and so much more.

Our members are a mix of endgame raiders, crafters, decorators, and role-players of all walks. We all come from a variety of walks in real life and we strive to always be there for each other as a Company when called upon.

Open House: Balmung • Shirogane • Ward 3 • Plot 30 (Large)

House & Event Rules
• Treat others with fairness, civility, and respect.
• Harassment and hate-speech are not tolerated.
• Respect role-playing environment and scenes.
• Give-and-take team cooperation is expected.
• We protect, back-up, and defend our members.
• Do not take advantage of Company members.

Add'l. Rules for Members
• Members are expected to actively participate.
• Rank loss after 30 days of no activity without good cause.
• Removal from the F.C. after 60 days of no activity without good cause.

Alts of officers and inactive players with well decorated unlocked public chambers may be allowed to stay beyond 60 days of inactivity, but may be limited to a restricted rank for safety purposes.

Events can include tavern, medical, engineering, exploration and real-time combat both physical and magical. We host both public and private events. We pride ourselves on having some of the highest qualify housing backdrops in the community that are open to the public to enjoy with us including everything from venues and offices to sanctuaries and battlegrounds.

Public Events include the tavern events of A Thousand Faces Dinner Theater and medical events of The Cryoflight Clinic.

The Company Plot involving Anai'stairell is open to non-members that are interested and become involved in the plot on their own accord. It is a primarily Company-oriented story; however, anyone is welcome to join if they're interested in the story.

Private Events are also run by and for Free Company members. These plots can generally only be accessed by being a member.

:beginner: 14 Day Trial Membership :beginner:

Apply via the F.C. menu in-game and join the F.C. Discord.
Contact an officer (Council, Aura, Radiance) for follow-up.
Assessment for rank promotion is available after 14 days of Trial Member status.

In order to acquaint new members with our Free Company and Discord, we require them to join and go through at least 14 days as a trial member. We may adjust this on a special case-by-case basis as the goal is to ensure that you mesh with our RP and our group company-side.

Once the assessment is completed, if you are given full Member status, you will be asked what your role in the Company will be, as everyone plays a part in the company and the story. You can change this at any time, but we want to ensure new members productively contribute.