1,500 G



OOC: THIS IS NOT A NORMAL DRINK. DO NOT ORDER UNLESS YOU HAVE BUSINESS WITH THE SPEAKEASY. Use this item to request to be abducted in order to enter The Candlejack speakeasy. Your character will be escorted outside to the rock and blindfolded before being lead to the meeting at a secret location ((Plot 29’s Lower Level)) as well as when your character is returned back to the venue. [ Learn More | Potential Hooks ]

Through enough tapping on the screen in odd places, or even outright hacking the tomestone itself, suddenly a drink order on the tap menu starts glitching out. This item is identical to Candle Jack from On Tap and (ICly) takes its place once you’ve glitched or hacked the tomestone menu. Those who already know what it means know that once they place the order by itself, they will be lead to the Caturae’s speakeasy.

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