Strawberry Mochi

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The classic pounded rice confection that everybody loves, wrapped around smooth sweet red bean paste and a large fresh strawberry.

2 reviews for Strawberry Mochi

  1. Chastity Hamaika

    The Mochi Here is delicious, tender, and made with the following ingredients: Rice Flour, Strawberries, sugar, water, potato starch. Strawberries are fruit common to Earth and apparently Eorzea which are consumed by organics and androids when they want something sweet and tart. This unit finds that this is a satisfactory dish for replenishing hydration and fulfills several aspects of organics’ caloric and nutritional needs. They should add more fruit to add variety.

    -H11, YoRHa Android

  2. Okhi

    Subpar, mochi was premade and not fresh.

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