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Astral & Umbral offers a large assortment of wines and aged liquors for your enjoyment, ranging from common drink to rare specialties seldom found elsewhere.

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House Red, House Rosé, House White, Realm Reborn Red, Lominsan White, Lohmani Red, Lohmani Rosso, 1547 Bacchus, Sixth Astral Reserve, Dalmascan Lea Monde (“Valens”), Suhd Viandja Rosé, Sake, Shochu, Vodka, Radz-at-Han Reserve Rum, Three-barrels Bourbon, Blackbelly Whiskey, Qiqirn Firewater, Pirate Grog, Ishgardian Brandy, Oroniri Kumis, Reunion Kumis, Sunshine, Stingbrew, Daniffen's Joy, Cactus Piss, Arak, Moonrise


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