RP Gets Rewarded

The quest system at Astral & Umbral was designed to give a browsable book of open RP activity hooks that not only anyone could take on, but also rewarded players for taking the initiative to do something together! Just like in-game quests, our quests provide a variety of opportunities from seeking out RP scenes to doing actual in-game content IC with others.

Atma. Quests reward currency points called “Atma” which players can exchange for actual OOC gil at Astral & Umbral (Shirogane, Ward 3, Plot 30 on Balmung) from our team. Atma may also be exchanged for other rewards like rare gifts and discounted tradeables!

Renown. Quests also reward reputation points called “Renown” which indicate how much success the player has had in facilitating community interactions through quests. Renown is required to accept more difficult unique quests with even greater rewards.

Use !info on our Discord to view your account info!

Completing Quests

  1. Be active on our Discord. (discord.gg/auxiv)
  2. Find and accept a quest on our Discord:
    • a. Browse (◀️/▶️) then Accept (☑️) a quest in the 📜Quests channel; or
    • b. If you know the quest ID you want, use !commence QUESTID instead.
  3. Complete the quest before time runs out!
  4. Turn in your completion:
    • IC report to the Quest Giver named on the quest.
    • OOC you can submit Modmail with proof of completion.
    • Be sure to follow any special instructions on the quest.

⚠️ Please remember our rules when engaging in quests as some quests pose risks and scenarios other players may need to discuss beforehand for permission.

⚠️ Please only complete quests OOC if you are unable to do the IC option.