You are joining a community meant for independent collaboration in the creative writing that is role-playing. We expect everyone who joins an open collaborative community like this to be cooperative, community-minded, and be a contributor to the positive atmosphere we aim to achieve. This is a large community, and we need those who enjoy our community to understand and respect that no one individual person’s position is more important than the collective whole of the community. In return for the open role-play settings, features, events, and everything our community offers to the public, we have expectations for everyone, including guests, to follow.

The Golden Rule:
Follow Their Rules

Please act towards one another with civility, respect, and maturity. We handle our own reports and penalties like FFXIV GM procedures, and our moderators only assist with the issues laid out in the rules. Any investigation will focus solely on objective, unedited, full-context evidence related to the rules. We do not discuss the details of any investigation, and a response may not be forthcoming. If you need to contact a moderator, our moderators are identified by having the Master or Officer rank in the Astral & Umbral FC.

The following addendum impacts all Free Company members only:

  • There is no inactivity kick, but inactive players (at least 30 days since last login) may be demoted to the Idle role. Players will need to re-request their previous role soon upon returning, or they will be set back to Trial instead. Special alts given certain designated roles, such as Officer alts, are exempt from this rule.

The following are expectations for Officers (Officer and Master FC Rank Symbol) in Astral & Umbral. If an Officer is not keeping up with minimum expectations, the player’s Officership may be revoked.

  • We prefer weekly, but chat at least monthly with people on our Discord.
  • Always use established procedures for all Officer duties and treat all issues evenly.
  • Keep 1 character/alt in the FC for the Officer role, also used as your Discord nickname.