Basic Rules

  • Zero Hate Tolerance. We have zero tolerance for actions and words that promote OOC hate speech, racism, discrimination based on race, gender, age, religion, or sexual orientation, disability, as well as other protected categories; we will not tolerate the support of groups that attack or discriminate against these people.
  • Limited Political Discourse. We’re a role-playing community. Our community is managed and attended by predominantly liberal individuals. That said, while we allow mature discussions, instigating political discourse is not appropriate for the purpose of our community. We ask debates on the merits be taken elsewhere. 

  • We’re Safe For Work. Our community is a safe-for-work community, meaning we don’t permit not-safe-for-work (“NSFW”) activity to be promoted, solicited, or conducted in public spaces. This means you cannot do things like share pornographic material or use our community space for erotic role-playing (“ERP”) which we do not allow our community to be used for.
  • Respect Other Rules. Our rules aren’t the only rules that must be followed. Games and social platforms have rules that must be followed and respected. We allow conversation about things like game mods; however sharing and guidance on using disallowed third party tools is not permitted in our community.

Freedom of Muse

We are a community that permits appropriate degrees of lore plausibility, flexibility, and even disregard for the primary goal of allowing community members to play the characters and tell the stories they desire. Everyone has a different idea of RP, so in order to keep balance with this freedom in a very diverse story-telling community, we recommend the following guidelines:

  • Write what you want to write. We don’t care if it’s within the lore or outside of the lore. What we care about is that you’re writing the stories and characters that make you happy. Understand people have different tastes in writing, and accept that while you’re free to write what you want, some people may love it and others may not and choose not to participate. Be prepared to cooperate and ask for cooperation.
  • Lore disclaimers are encouraged in event posts or OOC prior to starting a scene. If your scene will involve elements that will bend or break the lore, please give other players the courtesy of knowing in advance if the scene is not within the game’s lore. This allows prospective participants to either prepare themselves or opt out of the scene if they aren’t agreeable to the lore treatment. 
  • If exiting a scene, quietly and respectfully exit if you do not agree with it. If you don’t agree with a scene, make a quiet and civil exit as to not disturb the others participating in the scene with the pause. Do not exit abruptly in a way that derails the activity, do not announce your disagreement  and make a big deal of it. You can quietly and politely privately message the scene-runner that your character is not a fit for the theme, and exit the scene. Nobody is allowed to dictate what’s good or bad writing when it comes to personal role-play storytelling. Never tell a player what they can and cannot write unless it’s addressing IRL or OOC problems such as actual hate speech or racism.
  • Avoid “OOC Bleed” please. Freedom of Muse is not a license permitting players to “bleed” OOC into IC interaction. Role-playing is a collective community creative writing endeavor, and not something to exploit other players, IC or OOC, for your personal feelings or desires. Role-playing can be a great escape from reality, but we’re writing a fictional tale in a fictional world, so please understand that.

Adversarial Interactions. We understand and accept that players may choose to play adversarial positions. We allow this in our community so long as the writing is creative, logical, and with good intention.

Respectful Engagements

Our community offers a variety of activities, some carrying risks of being perceived poorly depending on permissions, disclaimers, and context. Even when you do everything right, people may change their minds or have misunderstandings. We ask our community members when participating in activities together, in or out of our community to consider these guidelines for respectful engagements:

  • When in doubt, stop the scene and go OOC. Poor communication has continuously been the root of most problems in role-playing communities. The easiest way to resolve most problems is to immediately pause the moment you realize you’re making an opinion or assumption about an IC situation OOC, or if a scene is taking an unexpected and detrimental tangent. Immediately discuss it with all parties present in a civil, respectful, and amicable way. When resolved and any clarifications or corrections are made, continue from where you left off.

  • Ask for permission before impacting a character or setting. Obtaining permission is necessary for good communication and cooperation. Many of our community’s activities often involve consequences or acts of risk. Players can often be eager to get involved in exciting, new, or complex plot situations without thinking the consequences through. Never powergame (force the receipt or consequence of a character’s action without permission or giving the other player a chance to respond to the action) unless you have express permission. Always save logs when you get permission, as third-party observers may dispute your actions and it will help to have a quick reference to show the scene was discussed and agreed upon. Do your best to ensure what’s about to transpire is understood, and that any permissions granted are communicated to those that need to know.

    For example, if participating in a quest that involves stealing goods from venues, make sure you obtain permission from someone who’s authorized to give permission on behalf of the venue, and ensure they communicate to the rest of the venue, including possibly an OOC shout to advise the patrons what’s about to unfold is planned. If permission is revoked mid-scene, please cooperate, end the scene, and exit appropriately. You’re encouraged to retain logs of all OOC discussion.

Reporting Issues

It is important you only report issues through the proper channels.

Please submit a ticket by contacting us using Modmail on our Discord ( if any problem arises. Absolutely do not individually DM somebody for a community issue. We use Modmail to ensure all moderators receive all tickets directly from those reporting issues so issues can be addressed timely and no facts or details are lost in translation. Users who go through individuals to report issues may receive warning(s) and moderation action for further infractions.